VI Riders

Freestyle Snowboard Training Club




Bryn Lucas

  • Years riding: 16
  • Favourite pro rider:
  • Learned to ride: Sheffield Ski Village
  • Favourite part of coaching: Watching someone figure out a difficult trick they are trying. It's cool to see someone spend time trying and contemplating what they need to do. Then being able to land it most of the time reg and switch, or teach it to their buddy.
Evan Sinclair

Evan Fair

  • Years riding: 16
  • Favourite pro rider: Tom Arnold
  • Favourite part of coaching: Riding with the kids and seeing how much they learn and progress over the season.

Andrew Kondrat

  • Years riding: 23
  • Favourite pro rider: Anyone pushing the limits. There are too many amazing riders today.
  • Learned to ride: Stony Mountain, Manitoba
  • Favourite part of coaching: Showing up and seeing the excitement and progress of our athletes makes the days I get to coach the best days of my week.